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I do enjoy a big flame especially for dabbing. The flame can be turned up to about 4 inches but you really don't need that much as it heats up dabs and pretty much anything very quickly.


- Jay Tee

If your looking for a quality large lighter/torch this is the one. I love it. Does not come with fuel. But feels great in the hand and has some weight. Would recommend anyone looking for a well built lighter


- Andrew Verna

They have three torch flame jets. they do get hot fast.  I don't smoke & use them more for utility purposes. They have a protective flip cap, easily adjustable flame & a fluid level viewer.


- Mcgyver210

This comes with two sets of lighters: one (black) driven by butane and the other (orange) driven by arc lighting. They also both come with a lanyard to wrap around your neck or hang from your backpack if that is what you want to do. I prefer to keep them in my pocket so the lanyard is just extra in my case.


- SuperTed

Really good torch lighter. It has a really nice metallic design. Very easy to use and gives off a lot power! There’s a little switch below the top switch which is used to lock the torch in place without having to hold on to it. Overall, great lighter! Nothing complain about.


- Jimmy Ngo

These lighters are not only stylish, but reliable.  I have purchased 3 (gifted two) and I think they are great.  Work as promised, flame is stellar and lights kindling, cigars, cigarettes in a second.  I can’t speak to how they handle butane and how often they need refilling, but one lighter has seen 20+ cigars and still works off the first fill.  I recommend them for sure.

- Joseph Saleeba

I don't leave reviews on Amazon that often, but I just had to give this lighter the praise it deserves. The value for this lighter is unmatched, as it is well made, cheaply priced, and comes with a one-year warranty. What's not to like?


- Curtis

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