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  • What’s the Best Culinary Torch? [1 Torch Takes Home the Prize]


    What’s the Best Culinary Torch? [1 Torch Takes Home the Prize]

    If you are looking to roast peppers or even working to create the perfect topping for your fruit cup dessert, you have likely wandered down the path of looking for the perfect culinary torch. If you haven’t owned one in the past; however, you are probably confused which torch will be the best and get the job done effectively. The question that I see all the time is as straightforward as it gets. What’s the best culinary torch? Here’s not only my opinion on the matter but what I believe to be your best option to consider.

    So, what is the best culinary torch? The best culinary torch is going to consist of three primary components, which consist of versatility, reliability, and ease of use. Additionally, the best culinary torch will be budget-friendly. The best culinary torch from this standpoint is the EUR-Kitchen Culinary Butane Torch.

    I can already guess what some of you are thinking about. How can I narrow down the scope so easily to one culinary torch to take home the crown for best culinary torch?

    It was a simple decision, and the rest of this post is here to explain that decision to you in-depth.

    We will break down the EurKitchen Butane Culinary torch and explain all the positives you can enjoy choosing this culinary torch to help you craft your favorite recipes, cocktails, and even your favorite crafts.

    Here's the inside scoop.

    The Breakdown of the EurKitchen Culinary Torch

    The information that everyone wants to immediately know is undoubtedly the price they will ultimately have to pay.

    Let’s skip right to the chase.

    The EurKitchen culinary torch falls into our number 1 ranking slot for this reason especially.

    Currently, you can take home the culinary torch for the low price of 23.99. This is outstanding for the value it can bring to you, your kitchen and your overall efforts to take your dishes and meals to the next elite level.

    Following a discussion on price always comes the next most frequently asked question. What happens if something goes wrong with my culinary torch?

    Well, glad, you asked. Here’s the deal.

    Warranty Provided With EurKitchen Culinary Torch

    The EurKitchen comes backed with nothing short of an excellent warranty. With the culinary torch and all other products offered by EurKitchen, you are afforded a 1-year money-back guarantee as well as a 1-year limited warranty.

    The beautiful part of this? It’s no questions asked.

    If for any reason you are not happy with the culinary torch, you can simply get a 100% refund with no hassle or frustration. This is something not to overlook or take for granted.

    This at the very least, it should provide you with a peace of mind moving forward and make you feel great about giving it a test run as your new trusty chef torch.

    Constructed to Perform and Constructed to Last

    Up next on our list of items to cover in this post is the mere fact that for the low price you are also getting a culinary torch that’s crafted and constructed with TUV CE certified Aluminum as well as ABS plastic.

    Simply put, the torch is built on a solid foundation, rest nicely on flat surfaces and should be around as your trusted partner and sidekick in the kitchen for years to come.

    The Performance Is Top Notch

    Now, this is what we all want and need from the best culinary torch to reach the #1 ranking in our books. This culinary torch can surely perform and get the heat to the perfect temp and displacement.

    This torch is going to deliver a flame at 6 inches in length.

    Additionally, you’re looking at the following operating temperatures.

    • 2370 F

    • 1300 C

    The Gas Gauge Included is Often Underrated

    While it’s certainly easy to know when you're out of gas with your torch by the simple fact, it won’t ignite, it’s always nice to know when you are running low or need to replace your fuel or butane.

    Speaking of fuel or butane, be sure to check out our post about which fuels work best with culinary torches here.

    Back on topic…

    Especially if you are an individual, who uses your torch with any frequency. Often, culinary torches that include the gas gauge can run anywhere between 30-50.00 but not this one.

    You are still getting all the perks and versatility with this torch for the low price of 23.99.

    You can’t beat that.

    Compatibility for Butane Makes a Difference

    Not all culinary torches are compatible with any butane.

    This torch is different. If you are using the recommended filler tip, this culinary torch is compatible with any brand of butane, making it easy for you to keep additional butane on hand and ready to refill within minutes.

    Imagine if it wasn’t.

    You have a guest arriving tomorrow from out of state and you are prepping the meal to be perfect and BAM. No luck and you’re out of butane.

    While this can be solved with another trip to your home department stores, why put yourself in that situation to have to mess with that hassle?

    I wouldn’t if I had the choice, I can assure you of that.

    Other Culinary Torches May Get the Job Done, but We Are Looking for the Best

    Can other culinary torches accomplish the same results as this culinary torch? Perhaps. However, we didn’t want to factor that into our ranking for the best culinary torch.

    We wanted a blend of factors to be considered before deciding.

    As illustrated in this post, this factored in budget-friendly options, performance, construction, and even the 1-year warranty made a big difference in our book.

    Anytime you can accomplish something for cheap, have peace of mind and get high-end performance and construction is a win-win for the consumer.


    Give the EUR-Kitchen Culinary Torch A Shot and See for Yourself

    Instead of dragging this post on much further discussing the positives you gain with this culinary torch, we figured it makes the most sense for you to try it out for yourself.

    We already discussed how you have a 12-month 100% money-back guarantee. If this is the case, what do you have to lose?

    For 24 bucks out of pocket, we are confident that this culinary torch will meet your needs and perform how you need it to perform. Case closed.

    Start adding some additional greatness to your favorite meals, cocktails, and even for crafts and hobbies and trust that this culinary torch is going to be a great return on your investment for years to come.

    Your turn to Speak Up About the Best Culinary Torches

    We Understand that other culinary torches are available and may be excellent products, so it’s time for your feedback. What do you believe is the best culinary torch, and why? Be sure to share your thoughts on this topic by sharing your comments below.

    Before You Go…

    Before you go, always be sure to check out all our related post on this site about culinary torches.

    We cover everything from safety precautions, fuel options, and even some common and frequent dishes you can use your culinary torch for. Best of luck with your cooking adventures!

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