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  • How to correctly fill the butane lighter with fuel?


    How to correctly fill the butane lighter with fuel?

        Lighters are necessities that can be seen everywhere in our lives, but one-time lighters pollute our lives. With the development of society, more and more people begin to use refillable butane lighters. But the newly bought lighter has no gas, how do you refuel the lighter?

    Fuel filling step:

    1. Exhaust the air in the lighter first, press the air inlet at the bottom of the lighter with a screwdriver to exhaust the air.

    2. The valve that adjusts the flame size can not be closed or opened to the maximum. The lighter is inverted and the gas bottle is shaken for a few times. 

    3.  Then turn the inflatable bottle upside down and connect the inflator hole of the lighter. Press hard to inflate. Pay attention to pressing tightly, otherwise there will be gas leakage. Inflate for about 5 seconds each time. Three or four back and forth times are enough.When the gas overflows, it means it is full and cannot be Inflatable.

    4. Take the lighter upright and complete the inflation. Let it sit for a few minutes after inflation. 


        I have seen many people have other problems when using a lighter to inflate. I will answer them for you.

    Precautions for filling gas:

    1. Use special gas. If you use a gas of poor quality, the performance of the lighter may be destroyed and cannot be used.

    2. Gas should be filled in a place where there is no open flame. The gas of the lighter is heavier than air, so the overflowing gas may stay on the table, floor and other low places when filling, which is more dangerous. Pay attention to it and turn off the flame.

    3. When filling gas, don't sparkle.

    4. Before filling the gas, adjust the screw to the (-) direction

    5. After filling the gas, first adjust the screw to the (+) direction; keep the flame at a height of 2-3 cm

    6. Please use authentic butane gas when aerated.



    Sometimes there are reasons why the air cannot be charged or the air leaks during inflation. In many cases, this can be solved:

    The most common situation is that the air tank holes are relatively small and the air holes are not matched. In this case, only a few butane gas can rush into the lighter, but there are still many leaks

            I dont know what problems you have encountered when inflating the lighter. Share your questions by adding comments below. I am happy to answer your questions.

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